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Group:             Hearding, Farm Dog

Size:                 Medium

Height:             Male: 20-23 inch; Female: 18-21 inch

Weight:            Male: 50-65 lbs;   Female: 40-55 lbs

Life Span:        12-15 years

Living Area:     Large

Hair Length:     Medium

Coat:                 Outer coat is straight or slightly wavy. Undercoat is short and smooth.

Colors:              Black, Red, Red Merle, Blue Merle, Black tricolor,  Red tricolor, Merle

                               (with or without white and/or tan)

Temperament:  Active, Affectionate, Intelligent, Good-natured, Protective

Gait:                   Smooth and effortless

Exercise Need: Daily long walks, jog and playtime

Today's Use:     Companion Dog

Litter Size:         6-9 puppies, average 7

Other Name :     Aussie

Our Boys
Our Boys
Our Boys
Our Girls
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​About Spots N Splashes:


We strive for producing versatile, intelligent family dogs that have the capability of more than just a farm dog. Our puppies have done everything from agility, working livestock, trail to family pet, babysitter and children's floor pillow. These animals are very social and love interaction.


We are not like your standard breeder. Each litter is brought into our home and all the puppies are handled and exposed to many different scenarios. Our children play with them, they are around cats, horses, other dogs, cars, traffic and put through experiences as if we were raising them as one of our own. We have found that the family style raising of these puppies has produced some of the best well rounded companions.



No events planned at this time.​

We are participating in our AKC group activities this year. We don't plan on competing this year.


We have scheduled litters for this year

If you want to be put on a waiting list let us know...

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