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Waiting List

  • General Waiting List
    General Waiting List
    Time is TBD
    Colton, OR, USA
    Time is TBD
    Colton, OR, USA
    This is our general waiting list for people looking for a puppy and do not have a specific preference inbreeding combination or registration.

Waiting List Process

Please make sure if you go on the wait list that you provide as much detail information as possible on what you are looking for so we can better fit the puppy to the family.

Generic requests are on a first come first serve basis.

Please check out the Quote page to get price ranges.

Waiting List Process

We try to be fair to all who are on our waiting list. We do not collect a deposit to be on our waiting list and you can request to be removed at any time.

  • Deposits are collected at time of selection. If anyone wants the tails not docked, we can do that, but require puppy to be paid in full before puppy is 5 days old and the funds are non-refundable.

All puppies as sold on first come first serve basis

As the waiting list does allow us to contact you when we have puppies available it does not allocate who gets to pick first as some people have taken weeks to respond if at all. This is not fair to anyone else on the list. Please keep an Eye out for emails about "Puppies Available" and get back to us as soon as possible.

Litter notification Process

We do follow an order when contacting everyone back as we want to give the most opportunity for people to get the puppy that they are looking for. 

  • Once we confirm that we have a litter coming, we update the breeding above with an actual due date. We will not be sending out notification about the due date, but you could come back here randomly to see.

  • When the puppies are born, we look to see if anyone on our lists has requested specific characteristics and if we have a puppy born that matches exactly what they are looking for they are contacted first.

  • Anyone looking for a specific breeding, will be contacted second. Since we have a variety of breeding it could be a year or two before we do that specific breeding again.

  • When the puppies are 2 weeks old everyone else that is on my waiting list will be contacted. If I do not have what you are looking for, I will not send you an email. **For example, if you select that you only want either blue Merle or Black and we get a litter of all red I will not let you know we have puppies.

  • When the puppies are 6 weeks old, anything that I have left will be posted locally. Note once they are posted they normally only last 3-4 days.

We want to give everyone an opportunity to bring a puppy home without having to wait on a puppy waiting list for several months. Due to a large backlog of requests. This also allows people to keep looking for another puppy elsewhere without being tied to our list.

These are amazing dogs, and we wish to share them with everyone that has a family or are just looking for a companion.

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