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Purchase Agreement

Basic Terms


Seller certifies that this puppy is of purebred quality.  Breeder has made application for litter registration, and individual dog papers will be issued to the buyer upon receipt.

The base price is for PET QUALITY only. However, this does not mean they are not SHOW QUALITY. Breeding rights are available for an additional fee of $1000.


Seller certifies that this puppy is, to the best of my knowledge, in good health and sound condition at the time of sale. Each puppy comes with a certificate of health from our veterinarian. All puppies are on a strict medical program including vaccinations, preventative shots, scheduled de-worming, parasite control, and high quality / high protein dog food.

Seller shall not be held responsible for the development of non-genetically derived disqualifying faults, diseases or disorders that are due to Buyer's negligence. Seller makes no guarantee regarding loss of the dog due to accidental death or theft.


Buyer certifies that the puppy will live with the Buyer, be confined by a secure, fenced yard and will have adequate exercise, maintain said puppy on puppy grade pet food, for at least one year to ensure proper health, growth, and well-being of said puppy and necessary health care from a licensed veterinarian, including all annual checkups and needed vaccinations. 

Seller recommends neutering (males) and spaying (females) at age of six months, unless puppy is to be bred or is intended for breeding purposes.  Altered dogs typically live a healthier life and generally have fewer behavioral problems. Sellers are not responsible for replacement of puppy should injury or if death occurs during the surgical procedure.

Puppies may be picked up after 8 weeks of age. If you are picking up your puppy, you must do so by the time he or she is 9 weeks old. If you do not pick up your puppy by the time he or she is 9 weeks old, the puppy will be resold and any money paid will not be refunded and can be applied to a future litter.

Buyer agrees to inform the seller if the buyer intends to sale or transfer ownership to a third party. FIRST OPTION to resume full ownership must be given to seller at a price and/or with terms mutually agreed upon by both parties.  The dog will be returned with the registration papers and any medical records. 

These are amazing dogs, and we wish to share them with everyone that has a family or anyone looking for a companion.

If you are interested in our puppies, please contact us for access to our Sales Agreement.

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