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Angle & Lakoda

ASDR Puppy Litter All 4 color producer

Angle & Lakoda
Angle & Lakoda

Estimated Whelping

Time is TBD

Estimated 2024

Angel and Lakoda 

This will be Angels last Breeding!

This Breeding produces all 4 color combinations. These puppies will have the ability to not only be shown in obedience but also be an all-round family dog. Angel is a mellow and laid back dog and Lakoda is extremely athletic and highly active. 

Our dogs are both working dogs and family pets so they are evenly rounded versatile companions.

These puppies can only be registered through ASDR.

Their prices will range from $475 to $1400 depending on color and sex. Check the Quote tab for estimates.

See our purchase agreement for more details.

If we get enough inquiries on this breeding we will schedule and you know when they are schedules to be breed.

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